ATSINA LAUNCH – Sunday 13 October 2013

Oct 3rd, 2013

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ATSINA LAUNCH – Sunday 13 October 2013

This year has seen the formation of the first Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Netball Assoc ATSINA.

ATSINA is an Incorporated Association and registered with the ATO.

All ATSINA players are registered with Netball Queensland through the South East Men’s & Mixed Netball Association (SEMMNA)

Our association aims to support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander netball players and their communities.

Did you know that netball is the most played sport all year long by both females & males?

Did you also know that there is minimal financial support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander elite players who excel to state and national teams?

And another interesting fact is that there has not been an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander player in the Australian Diamonds Netball team for almost 20 years.

ATSINA aims to encourage young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders to participate in the game of netball and support players to excel to various levels of netball. ATSINA will also promote the great achievements of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander players throughout their local community and through the use of social media.

Through the game of netball ATSINA hopes to also encourage Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders peoples to make better lifestyle choices and promote physical activity. ATSINA will always work in partnership with local organizations and traditional owners to ensure the message of healthy living in being delivered in a culturally appropriate way.

ATSINA has already had great success with four of our player being selected to the Australian Mixed team who will tour Fiji in October later this year.

ATSINA would like to invite you to participate in the official launch of ATSINA. This event will include people from the netball community and the wider community coming together to celebrate the first Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander netball assoc ATSINA.

Aims and objectives of ATSINA:-

  • To promote involvement and participation of communities in the game of netball
  • To select and manage representative teams.
  • To promote competitive sportsmanship, fair play and team spirit
  • To promote cost effective and affordable opportunities in netball for families and communities.
  • To promote positive netball pathways for all players with in our Communities.
  • To support both females & males in the game of netball
  • To facilitate & coordinate ATSINA carnivals & events

For more information, please contact Lucy Davis (President) on 0420 665 991.

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