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About Us

Inala Wangarra Incorporated


Inala Wangarra is a financially secure and culturally strong and credible community-based organisation. Our Board and staff have an acute understanding of the negative aspects and impacts of Australian history and remain wholly committed to moving beyond the problems of fear, blame, ignorance and denial to restore a sense of pride, dignity, peace, happiness and harmony among all people.

our-communityWangarra is located on the traditional land of the Jagera people in Inala, west of Brisbane. The organisation was established in March 2003 to provide access to quality sport, recreation, cultural and arts programs and events that strengthen the educational and business knowledge, skills and capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and enhance competitiveness for employment, participation in social and cultural activities and economic and social enterprise development opportunities.

The name “Inala Wangarra” was given to the organisation by local and respected elder, founding board member and long-term Chairperson of Wangarra, Uncle Albert Holt. Wangarra comes from the language of the Bidjara people in the western area of Queensland and is thought to mean “One People or All People”.

The Inala Wangarra Board of Directors

The Inala Wangarra Board of directors consists of local Indigenous and up to two non Indigenous people that are elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting. The current Inala Wangarra Board members are:

President:              Uncle Shane Coghill

Vice President:    Uncle Frank Clarke

Treasurer:             Dr Chelsea Bond

Secretary:              Claudette (Sissy) Tyson


Committee Members: Terri Hill, Cameron Jagger, and Steven Coghill (Junior).


The Board of Inala Wangarra meet monthly to manage the affairs of the organisation and to guide and improve the services provided to the community.




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